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The 12th Edition!
This classic book on managing rental property, widely known among landlords and landladies as their bible, has been in print for thirty-nine years, has sold over 375,000 copies, and has twice been selected as one of the top ten real estate books of the year by nationally syndicated real estate columnist Bob Bruss.

This latest edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and includes both the eighty-four forms in the previous edition plus TWO new ones. One of the new forms, the Household Pest Control Agreement, puts into words what both landlord and tenant need to understand about their cooperating to deal with household pests, especially bed bugs. The other new form, Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Recurring Payment Authorization, enables tenants to pay their rent through an automated clearing house (ACH), so they needn’t bother writing a paper check every time their rent is due.

ALSO, new in this 12th edition is a coupon which the first purchaser of the book may use to receive free of charge all of the forms in the back of the book in common computer formats, PLUS a demo version of “Pushbutton Landlording®,” the author’s stand-alone program for handling the tenant and income sides of rental property management.
LANDLORDING, 12th Edition
Leigh Robinson

512 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0932956378
$23.95, introductory price (cover price, $32.95)