Ionization smoke detectors sound an alarm when smoke interferes with an electric current flowing continuously through an ionization chamber. Photocell detectors sound an alarm when smoke deflects a beam of light to a photocell. Although photocell detectors are a few seconds slower in detecting rapidly burning fires, they're faster in detecting smoldering fires, but their biggest advantage for landlords is this: they don't sound false alarms, so tenants don't disable them.
   Some cities, and some states, now require new residences to have photocell detectors rather than ionization detectors.
   Don't wait for a law requiring you to install photocell detectors. Be on the safe side. Install them now.

   As a landlord, I'm always changing locks. I learned how to disassemble and rekey locks in order to eliminate repeated trips to my neighborhood locksmith. I can rekey a lock in just a few minutes.
   When I learned about Kwikset SmartKey locks, I was delighted because they were supposed to enable anybody to rekey them in seconds with one simple tool and without even removing the lock from the door.
   I bought four, keyed them alike, and installed them at a rental unit. Within three weeks one of them failed. The key would simply not turn in the cylinder. The tenant was inconvenienced and so was I, so much so that I decided to alert other landlords to their unreliability.
   If you want to rekey your locks quickly and you want them to work reliably, buy them from landlordlocks.com. They don't fail.
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